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With me being the most difficult client, having lost my temporary brace twice, i found the practice to be overwhelmingly helpful and always going to the extra mile. Most impressive was Dr Naidoo’s care, coupled with state of the art technology and precision expertise.

Russel Westermeyer

Very happy with the service provided. Dr Naidoo always takes the time to explain every thing in detail plus gives all treatment options available. Trust his judgement completely. All staff are friendly and helpful. Overall great experience.

Danielle Stirton

I’ve been treated by Dr Naidoo since 2003(approximately). Dr Naidoo is a fantastic dentist and a very genuine and kind person. I would not have continued as his patient for so many years if he wasn’t brilliant. Dr Naidoo is also very good with my children and we both have 3 children. He feels like family. The practice is neat, staff very friendly and professional. 100% perfect.

Taryn Moore

Have been a very satisfied patient for a number of years. Staff are courteous and helpful. Delon is an excellent dentist who always describes and advises on procedures. A very happy patient.

Michael Hack

Dr Naidoo has been my dentist for years. He is always friendly and professional and most importantly- “it never hurts”. His staff are always accommodating and friendly and eager to help. The environment of the practice is very comfortable and plush and makes one feel pampered.

Carmin W Scrooby

Our daughter was born without one inscisor and the other way too small. She has had braces twice during her teens to correct her bite and to move her teeth with the intention of when she turned 20 she could have an implant. For years she wore a false tooth on a wire that was secured behind with a wire. We were then advised by the orthodonist that we could start the process of doing the implant. A 3D scan was done only to discover that the roots of her front tooth and adjacent canine had grown together making an implant impossible without braces again! She was devastated and we went through 6 months of braces only to find out that the roots wouldnt move enough to allow for an implant.

This is when we approached Dr Delon Naidoo who is our dentist and who we trust implicitly and who has done amazing crown and dental work for our whole family. I wish we had done this first as we could have saved ourselves time and money. He put our minds at ease and took on the difficult job of restoring our daughter front 6 teeth. She spent the good part of a day with him as he patiently explained each step.

He was extremely careful that she didnt have pain and his calm and confident manner put her and i completely at ease. The equipment and state of the art design system he has allowed us to be a part of the planning and design of the final look and he involved us fully. He and his team were amazing and we left there so happy. We are honestly delighted with the results and our daughter hasnt stopped smiling since.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Naidoo in the future.

regards Karen Hunt

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