As a young boy , having a firm a curiosity towards the Mechanical human system and a passion to engineer concepts of precise perfection, this manifested in academic excellence when Dr D Naidoo graduated from the prestigious university of Pretoria in 2002. Dr D naidoo was awarded top student in anatomy and physiology , in his final year he took the award for the BEST RECONSTRUCTIVE DENTAL SURGEON. It is believed that a persons interests and emotions nurses them into a person they want to be, certainly it can be said Dr D Naidoo has been genetically programmed into being a cosmetic dentist.

When a person knows what they want ,they go for it , there is a terminology used to describe them its called RISK TAKER ,

Right out of university Dr D Naidoo jumped straight into private practice he saw a oppointunty at our next door upmarket neighbour hood La Lucia , it was here Dr D Naidoo set up his first dental practice at the well known La Lucia Medical and Dental centre .

Dr D Naidoo came into contact with many patients and most had such deterioted teeth that restoration was is need, when consulted , one comment remained the same , “I had a very traumatic experience at the dentist as a child !, i never set foot in dentist surgery ever “,’so what was meant to be a educational experience for the child turned out to be the MOST traumatizing a experience , it was here he set out a mission to change such medical perception of dentistry yet provide a very medical less invasive paediatric child and family focus service.

In Oder for Dr D Naidoo’s vision to take root he yet again leaped out of his comfort zone to provide the community of La Lucia a child friendly, warm , and homey medical practice, this translated in all areas from his personal choice in decor to the well trained friendly, caring and skilful staff , this new facility became the talk of the town ,La Lucia smile rehab studio , and he very quick became the most popular dentist

When a person is driven by passion first , certainly one can expect a rippling effect ,every patient worked out with such knowledge of the different procedures available to help restore ones oral health condition and rehabilitate smiles it is only a Dentist that has passion for what he does, can change traumatic mind sets to be now being fired up to take the necessary steps of improving their oral health.

Being a man of faith, dedicated husband and a father to three beautiful girls, Dr Delon Naidoo exercises similar ethics at his practice , it doesn’t surprise us when our patients walk out saying “ we feel like we are part of a family”

with advances in the industry and a continues growth in the community Dr D Naidoo opened his 3rd practice at the very heart of Umhlanga’s medical hub ‘doing what ever it takes to provide a growing community with more than what it needs , Dr D Naidoo gained yet again academic excellence in implantology trained by leading international educators .

Dr D Naidoo has worked on numerous implant cases from restorations to insertion and full mouth rehab, now with Cerec and cam/cad on board he can now offer single visits smile make overs.

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