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Dr D Naidoo graduated from the prestigious University of Pretoria in 2002, he has always had a curiosity towards the Mechanical human system and a passion to engineer intergrit concepts of precise perfection, these fundaments has been fabricated into his DNA, this manifested in Academic Excellent when he awarded top student in anatomy and physiology , in his final year he took the award for the BEST RECONSTRUCTIVE DENTAL SURGEON.  It is believed that a persons interests and emotions  nurses them into a person they want to be, certainly it can be said Dr D Naidoo has been genetically programed into being a cosmetic dentist.

When a person knows what they want ,they go for it , there is  a terminology  used to describe them its called RISK TAKER ,

straight out of university Dr D Naidoo jumped straight into private practice he saw a oppointunty at our next door upmarket neighbor hood La Lucia , it was here Dr D Naidoo set up his first dental practice at the well known La Lucia Medical and Dental center  .

Dr D Naidoo came into contact with many patients  and most had such deterioted teeth that restoration was is need, when consulted , one comment remained the same , “I had a very traumatic experience at the dentist as a child ! so i never set foot in dentist surgery ever “,'so what was meant to be a educational experience for the child turned out to be the  MOST traumatizing a experience , it was here he set out a mission to change  such medical perception  of dentistry yet provide a very medical less invasive pediatric child and family focus service.

In Oder for Dr D Naidoo's vision to take root he yet again leaped out of his comfort zone to provide the community of La Lucia a such warm friendly cosy very homey feel, this translated in all areas from his personal choice in decor to the well trained to be,' no to much friendly or caring  is never enough', to the never wanting to leave kid zone, this new facility became the talk of the  town ,La Lucia smile rehab studio ,  and very quick became the most popular dentist

When a person is driven by passion first , certainly one can expect a rippling effect ,every patient worked out with such knowledge of the different procedures available to help restore ones oral health condition and rehabilitate smiles it is only a Dentist that has passion for what he does, can change  traumatic mind sets to be now fired up  and take the necessary steps to improve their oral health.

Being a dedicated family man and a father to three beautiful girls, Dr Delon Naidoo excersises similar ethics at his practice , it doesn’t surprise  us when our patients work saying “ we feel like we a part of a family”

with advances in the industry and a continues growth in the community Dr D Naidoo opened his 3rd  practice at the very heart of Umhlanga's medical hub 'doing what ever it takes to   provide a growing community with more than what it needs , Dr D Naidoo gained yet again academic excellence in implant ology trained by leading international educators .

Dr D Naidoo has worked on over 500 implant cases from restorations to insertion and full mouth rehab, now with Cerec  and cam/cad on board he can now offer single visits make smile make overs. 

when they associated such deep rooted fear for a ‘ ordinary oral check up”,

with firing passion like a knife slicing butter cutting through the traditional methods  !

Dr D Naidoo presents

‘Umhlanga Smile Rehab Studio’


Aesthetic Solutions

Our award winning dentist  has invested heavily in the very latest general and cosmetic dentistry trends, we can now undertake sophisticated procedures with less discomfort and faster healing with a highly  passionate experienced dentist using only the latest  technology , this combination allows our dentist Dr D Naidoo to be a expert to formulate precise diagnosis and guide you through a wide range of  treatments from fillings, gum disease to the latest in teeth whitening and restoration dentistry.

Umhlanga Smile Rehab Studio is a facility that provides you with world class dentistry using state of the art techniques our dentists advanced methods allows us to complete even the most complex procedures on site at our dental office , resulting in fewer visits and a pleasurable experience

Dr D Naidoo provides quality dental restoration and oral health care , now we have what is ranked top 5  around the world in dental technology our facility is equipt with CEREC and CAM/CAD

So the next time you are in elite sunny Umhlanga , why not visit our child friendly, family based  aesthetics reconstructive dental clinic , to establish a resolution and cost effective dental treatment on fixing your smile.

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